The DICOS managing directors are three of the company's four founders and have been working together since 1998. This consistency and shared experience in the core areas of work have a very positive effect on the working environment at DICOS and on the quality of the work we do.

Stephan Hesse / Dr. Winfried Geyer / Waldemar Wiesner
Stephan Hesse                          Dr. Winfried Geyer                Waldemar Wiesner

Quote from the managing directors:
"We want our staff to enjoy working for DICOS and always support them so that they can do their jobs well. Needless to say, this has a positive impact on the high quality of the results of their work. Our customers acknowledge and appreciate this; many have been using our services ever since the company was founded. We are constantly making every effort to ensure that the interests and high standards of our customers, partners and staff can continue to be brought together successfully in the future. We hope that we will continue to make the right decisions so that we can keep up with the fast pace of the world of IT."

Stephan Hesse
Following a degree in Information Technology from the TU Darmstadt, Stephan Hesse (born 1957) worked as a research fellow at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt am Main. He worked as a systems analyst at Danet GmbH from 1983 to 1985. He then moved to Telenet GmbH and remained there as a systems analyst, consultant and project manager until the foundation of DICOS GmbH. Stephan Hesse is CEO and technical director.

Dr. Winfried Geyer
After studying Mathematics at TU Darmstadt, Dr. Winfried Geyer (born1963) worked as a research fellow in the Mathematics department. He completed his doctorate in discrete mathematical structural theory in 1992. He worked as a software developer, consultant and project manager at Telenet GmbH until 1998, when he founded DICOS GmbH Kommunikationssysteme together with his colleagues. Dr. Geyer is the managing director with responsibility for Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.

Waldemar Wiesner
After a degree in Electrical Engineering, majoring in Computer Engineering, at Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Sciences, Waldemar Wiesner (born 1964) began work as a software engineer in mobile communications and trunked radio at Ascom GmbH. He moved to Telenet GmbH as a systems analyst, consultant and project manager in 1994, before helping to found DICOS GmbH in 1998. Waldemar Wiesner is the managing director responsible for Technology and Organization, as well as leading the Spectrum department.