Partnerships are a key part of the success of our business. As an integration partner with the highest level of technical expertise, we implement the right products from our partners into our customers' existing system landscapes. If required, we optimize these with appropriate interfaces and modules developped by DICOS. Our partners' products combined with our own in-house developments thus form the foundation of our customized complete solutions from one source.

These are our partners

CA FOCUS Partner

DICOS offers over 20 years of experience in the implementation for infrastructure management solutions of CA, since end 2018 a part of the Enterprise Software Dicision of Broadcom. Our solutions and additional modules integrate perfectly into the CA Technologies framework. As a CA Premium Partner, DICOS provides consultancy, training and comprehensive support at the highest qualification level.

In the area of software support. DICOS has achieved the highest certification level for CA's Infrastructure Management-Solutions. Our consultants are highly qualified for support and consulting and also to provide product trainings and workshops for our customers.

IBM Silver Business Partner

DICOS has been a Netcool specialist since 1999, initially as a partner of Micromuse. Following the integration of the Netcool products into the IBM Tivoli portfolio, DICOS was accredited as an Advanced Business Partner for IBM Tivoli Netcool and provides the entire spectrum of services, from development services to supportive operation. The product suite Netcool Operations Insight now covers the topic "IT Operations Center" for our customers.

Packet Design

In cooperation with PACKET DESIGN (since July 2018 a part of ciena) DICOS offers a solution for analysis and optimization of the influences of routing with regard to performance of critical services.  Virtualization, cloud computing and outtasking/outsourcing of network services increases complexity - and it becomes more and more complicated to understand the ways that data takes through internal and external networks. PACKET DESIGN with their solutions offers a „single source of truth“ to understand and optimize network performance and to manage physical and virtual networks. For the latter, PACKET DESIGN provides great support for „Early Adopters“ with products to analyze SDN and for orchestration.

Since December 2018 Kentik is DICOS newest partner. Kentik offers a powerful solution to analyze network traffic. This SaaS-solution is now also hosted in Germany for the European market and ingests flow data and processes it for analysis and presentation in flexible dashboards. Not only classical netflow data is used, but more and more cloud flow logs, as provided by AWS and other cloud solutions. This new partnership is a great extension to DICOS's portfolio, complementing products from our long-term existing partners very well.