User Meeting

The idea behind the DICOS User Meeting is
to bring DICOS customers, partners and staff together once a year, creating a platform where they can exchange information, hold discussions and get to know each other face-to-face.

The User Meeting traditionally has two parts:

The User Get-Together
The User Get-Together is held the evening before the User Meeting, far away from desks, computers and deadlines. It gives the participants the chance to talk to the entire DICOS team, as well as other customers and representatives of our partner companies, intensively about any topics they like, business-related or otherwise.

The User Meeting
The User Meeting starts the following morning and is very popular with our customers. It offers a mixture of information on DICOS products and services, a presentation of one or two partner companies, and customer presentations in which they report on projects which have gone well in practice. Tips and tricks from our DICOS experts on various current topics provide the finishing touches to the program.

To learn more about our User Meeting and to register, check here (in German language) !