Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Our mission

DICOS is a team of people who are at home in the IT world. Each of us brings extensive knowledge from years of practical experience and therefore knows the network challenges of companies first hand.

Addressing these is our heartfelt mission: Our mission is to help companies optimize and integrate their network management system. In doing so, we identify the potential of the network and develop a customized overall technical solution. From initial consulting to proof of concept to long-term operation, we are there for our customers - some for more than 20 years.



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our claim

The heart of our range of services is individual consulting: In an open discussion at eye level, we clarify current challenges and wishes and thus create a trusting basis for a long-term, future-oriented cooperation.

What do you wish?

We would be happy to discuss the challenges and potentials of your network with you in an individual consultation. Get in touch with us.

The Team

At DICOS, we rely on in-house expertise: Our team of more than 40 IT experts consists of experienced specialists and dedicated career starters who complement each other perfectly. Together, we work every day to make our customers’ network visions a reality.

From Vision to Reality

It’s 1998: Google goes online. Nokia launches the 5110, still the most successful cell phone model. Internet cafés are booming. Apple introduces the iMac, which is supposed to get users on the Internet even faster with an integrated modem and Ethernet at home. And DICOS is founded.

A crazy idea becomes reality: revolutionizing IT and telecommunications infrastructures with an interdisciplinary team of experts and creating interfaces where there were none before. “From Vision to Reality” – this idea unites Stephan Hesse, Dr. Winfried Geyer and Waldemar Wiesner. That is why the three of them have been working hand in hand with the DICOS team for more than 20 years to realize complex customer visions.

Waldemar Wiesner

The electrical engineering graduate is an expert for CA Broadcom’s partner products and is responsible for the technical organization.

Dr. Winfried Geyer

As a mathematician with a doctorate, he is the master of numbers and also manages the areas of marketing, sales and human resources.

Stephan Hesse

Since studying computer science, he has been enthusiastic about software infrastructure and passionately oversees the technical area.

You love IT and have a VIsion?

We are looking for new people to join our DICOS team and share our vision and passion for IT infrastructures. Are you interested? Then feel free to take a look at our job advertisements.


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A cooperation at eye level

We value openness, honesty and individual, independent advice. After all, our goal is to ensure that our customers feel well taken care of and optimally served at all times.



A joint discussion in which wishes and requirements are clarified.


Proof of Concept

We install and configure the products as PoC and you test them for a few weeks.



If you choose the product, we will make the final customizations.


DICOS has been a reliable partner of HUK-COBURG for many years, and we particularly value their technical expertise. The DICOS team masters the solutions we use in detail. Additional requirements are also discussed openly at any time and solved in a targeted manner through individual developments. This gives us exactly the support we need.

Frank Elliger, SE Networkmanagement, HUK-COBURG

To good partnership

In the search for the best solution for our customers, we also use the premium products of our partners. We have known most of the products for years - with all further developments. They form the perfect basis for individual adaptations and additions by DICOS.

You want to get to know us?

We would be very pleased if you contact us and would be happy to discuss your request together.