Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

automation of all business processes

In the agile age, automation is the key to fast lead times and reproducible quality. Automic (formerly UC4) offers a comprehensive solution that can reliably handle your digital workload in a business-ready manner. Immerse yourself in a world that connects silos and enables workflows that work across technologies and departments.
Quick ROI by shortening lead times Core benefits are reproducible results with minimal lead times. And thanks to the cluster capability, the systems are protected against possible failures.
Supporting digital transformation with agility and compliance In addition to the core functions, Automic also offers the best prerequisites for your digital transformation. In terms of compliance and regulatory frameworks, this is achieved thanks to version management, history recording and “zero downtime upgrade”.
Comprehensive thanks to connectors, scalable for any business Automic's variety of base features and the large community offer a wide range of integrations. From SAP or databases to virtualization solutions and applications: all can be orchestrated to implement your digital business processes.

your benefits

API driven Embed your existing automation into Automic and use Automic as the backend for your self-service portals.
Scalabitity Thanks to cluster capability, 100k agents and 100M executions per instance are no problem.
Automation-as-a-code Let your developers use Automic as a platform and easily transfer code artifacts between dev/test/prod environments.
From Mainframe to Microservices Connect them all with Automic as the orchestrator.
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