Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

IT operations in new dimensions

Watson AIOps makes complex and dynamic IT infrastructures manageable. With AI support and machine learning, you analyse correlations, foresee anomalies, discover problems early and react to them automatically. So you can easily increase your productivity while increasing accuracy.
Watson AIOps is much more than a new product bundle around Netcool Operations Insight, it is the most flexible yet comprehensive solution for your IT management with event management, metric analysis, agile service management and runbook automation.
Real-time insights prevent incidents Detect anomalies early and gain new insights into the relationships between performance data. If metrics get out of hand, you are warned before such situations become incidents. IT operation is made simple, because with machine learning Watson AIOps learns the normal behaviour and sets thresholds automatically.
What you could not do before Intelligent processing of structured as well as unstructured data (e.g., tickets and natural language) from disparate sources opens new dimensions of correlation and triage. Watson AIOps finds correlations hidden in your historical data: It recognizes similar situations and suggests possible solutions.
Make yourself a picture See the connections in dynamically changing topologies. The visualization and evaluation of current and historical situations enables you to solve or even prevent problems. Watson AIOps optimally supports your agile services and change management.

Your Benefits

Already thinking ahead today! Traditional IT, hybrid or multicloud environments: Watson AIOps makes your IT operation future proof. It easily adapts to your changing challenges. IT managers no longer have to choose between stability or innovation, complexity or flexibility, accuracy or speed. With IBM Watson AIOps, they are no longer contradictions.
Protecting existing systems and investments Simply continue with Netcool Operations Insight on premise with the current range of functions and expand it step by step with the new functions.
Future proof When you're ready to shift to cloud native applications: Netcool and all other components of Watson AIOps are available as containerized versions and already come with the required licenses for RedHat Open Shift.
Simple license model The significantly simplified license model gives you the greatest possible flexibility. Licensing is by source only and no longer requires connection licenses.
More than the sum of its parts Watson AIOps does not simply combine known and new individual products and functions in a bundle. They merge into a complete system under one interface. Included are: Netcool Operations Insight, Predictive Insight, Parts of the Agile Service Manager, AI Manager, Runbook Automation and RedHat Open Shift. The Network Manager is available as an optional extension.
Alarm prioritization DICOS EscAL is the precise alarm and escalation management for the perfect support of IT operations in the event of a problem.

There’s more to it

Project related support
  • Your individual carefree package for the support of your entire NOI and Watson AIOps environment including all interfaces and extensions.
  • If you need a little more, we can of course take over the complete operations of your entire installation.
  • We are happy to implement your individual requirements, e.g. for event analytics functions, the creation of impact policies or the integration of a CMDB.
  • We develop interfaces to all event-supplying or -processing systems such as management or ticket systems.
Fit for the future
  • Review and optimization of your installation, build-up of know-how and adaptation to current best-practice concepts
  • Official IBM trainings together with our partner Tech Data Academy as well as individual workshops.

The future of your Netcool installation

Take your existing Netcool installation to the next level.

How to do it? Find out in this video featuring a presentation at the IBM THINK 2021 event.



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