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Trap handling made simple

Especially in large and dynamic networks, setting up trap destinations is complex. With a central solution for processing traps of the entire IT infrastructure, you can simplify the setup of new devices. In addition, you gain new insight into your network.
Dynamically change trap targets in the running environment Instead of having to change the management address again and again, you simply specify the IP address of the DICOS TrapRouter. There you can centrally create rules and define how traps are forwarded. You can specify any number of destinations and dynamically change the configuration at any time in the running environment - rule-based and even for individual traps.
Simple filtering and forwarding You want to forward management information to other networks, but network coupling is problematic? Simply send the traps to the DICOS TrapRouter! From there, the network transition takes place in a central and controllable manner. Unnecessary traps are simply filtered out, even external processes can be triggered with individual traps.
Test with live data Provide live data from your network for your test or pre-production environment at any time. Both systems are supplied with the same traps in parallel and you can compare the results. This way you simplify the rollout of new releases and tests become more meaningful as real traps are available to the test system.

additional benefits

360° view Overview of all traps in the network before any processing takes place. Distribution of traps to different trap destinations. Detection of misconfigurations.
Dashboards Configurable dashboards displaying trap volume and existing trap types.
Status alarms Alerts when thresholds are exceeded or when traps fail.
Central handling Handling of traps based on free definable rules. Modification of rules in the live system possible.
Addition of "TrapAddress" and "Source-Address-Mapping" Automatic addition of the sender address to the trap for accurate mapping. Possible adaptation of the sender address for the assignment of a trap to other devices, e. g. assignment of traps of subcomponents to the devices.
Storage and further processing in external management systems Pre-filtering, decoding and decryption (V3); conversion and export of traps as text files or to a database.
Trigger individual actions with traps Simple filtering and processing of traps as well as configuration of actions such as logging to the DB, calling a script or discarding the trap.
Connection to DX NetOps Spectrum Support of distributed environment at DX NetOps Spectrum by high performance routing of traps to the right SpectroSERVERs.

The DICOS TrapRouter as a central extension of our DX Spectrum [now: DX NetOps Sepectrum] platform allows us to send traps to different network management environments in a timely and dynamic manner. Instead of having to continuously adjust thousands of network components in our very dynamic network with respect to their alarm targets, this is done centrally on the TrapRouter via simple rules - already fully automated for DX Spectrum [now: DX NetOps Spectrum].

Alexander Bünger, OSS Designer, Operations Planning, Telefónica Germany


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