DICOS log|essential

Secure Storage and Analysis for all your Log Data

DICOS log|essential allows collection of log data from all your IT systems in a very easy way. log|essential consists of open source components and is extented by applications developed by DICOS - all implemented using a modern microservice architecture. This gives log|essential not only a role-based authentication system, but also a secure store using innovative blockchain technology. These extensions plus the fact that log|essential can be installed in one step on a Linux server creates a significant advantage compared to modular open source solutions.

log|essential offers open interfaces for a multitude of log formats. For many formats configurations are already included: Syslog, Windows EventLog, ASCII-logfiles, Apache, WebSphere, MySQL, Cisco, IBM Netcool, CA Spectrum etc.

The presentation of collected information is based on a comfortable and fast search engine. Free format dashboards can be configured for textual and graphical representation.

Grafiken DICOS log|essential

"log|essential with its innovative blockchain technology is availabel as of January 2018. It is an ideal complement to DICOS'  portfolio. log|essential provides a log management solution that can be deployed with minimal effort and is offered as a complete product with full support by DICOS." 
Dr. Winfried Geyer, Geschäftsführer, DICOS GmbH

Find out more about the benefits of DICOS log|essential here. (currently in German language only).