Port Access Monitor – absolute security within your network!

Company data and systems are sensitive and must be protected against unauthorized access. Most networks are therefore set up like a fortress to keep the outside world out. But what if they are attacked from the inside? Until now, firewalls, VPN access and proxy systems have been useless here, and those responsible powerless to stop it.


PAM protects your network against unauthorized access, checks port allocation in real time and compares this with internal databases. An unknown MAC address is recognized immediately and, depending on the optional settings, the port is alerted, blocked immediately or moved into a guest VLAN. You retain an overview at all times thanks to access history and reporting functions. PAM is available as a stand-alone product and as an additional module for CA SPECTRUM®.

Please find more information on the datasheets PAM Standalone (currently only available in German) or PAM integrated in CA SPECTRUM). 

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New: DICOS PAM adds Network Access Control to CA Spectrum®: CA Technologies joint value proposition