DICOS TrapRouter

TrapRouter - The centralized solution for dynamic network-wide handling of SNMP-Traps

DICOS TrapRouter enables you to significantly simplify the administration of SNMP-Traps in your environment. You just configure two targets (TrapRouter primary and backup) in all your devices. Now TrapRouter is responsible for dynamically forwarding traps to a number of recipients in real time. Necessary changes are administered centrally and without restarting any component. TrapRouter puts you in control – thanks to its browser-based GUI and the statistical reports you can monitor parameters like total number of traps, processing time, top talkers etc. So you always keep an eye on the heartbeat of your network!

DICOS TrapRouter


  • Simplified forwarding of SNMP-Traps into multiple networks
  • Recognition of trap-storms – plus immediate notification
  • Easily forward traps from your production network into your test environment
  • Acceleration of migration projects and introduction of new OSS solutions through dynamic configuration of trap targets (without touching any device)
  • Support of a distributed setup of CA Spectrum through high-performance trap routing to SpectroServers and device models

"Current solutions in customer environments are often unreliable, slow and difficult to configure. DICOS TrapRouter definitively sets a new standard with regard to performance, flexibility and ease of configuration."
Josef Gierok, Senior Cunsultant, DICOS GmbH

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