Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Simple automation for everyone

Automation doesn't have to be complicated. How about an agentless solution that integrates instantly into your IT landscape? With the Ansible Automation Platform, you automate recurring tasks and work efficiently and error-free. Especially in the network environment, for DevOps or daily operational tasks, Ansible is a real secret weapon. You can also extend the Ansible base with enterprise features using AWX or the Ansible Automation Platform (formerly Ansible Tower) from Red Hat.
Low effort entirely without agents The installation of agents is not necessary. Therefore, even systems that do not actually support agents can be included in the automation.
AGILE APPLICATION WITHOUT LEARNING EFFORT Programming automations in Ansible is very similar to the daily scripting work. Therefore, you can get started right away without much learning effort.
GLOBAL COMMUNITY WITH ENDLESS INTEGRATIONS The Ansible community has developed over 23,000 integrations for various use cases. In addition, many vendors offer Ansible modules to automate their products.

IT Service Automation

“The AWX Automation Platform set up by DICOS ensures the future viability of our IT service automation strategy. The agile development approach enables us to react quickly and targeted to a wide variety of internal requirements and to put solutions to complex problems into production in a timely manner. In addition to the time savings, we benefit from the standardization of our IT thanks to the automated processes.”

Dr. Lutz Finsterle, Enterprise Architect IT Infrastructure at MAHLE International GmbH

Workflow Builder Create processes simply as a sequence of individual steps. Keep control over the processes with graphical representations.
Jobs Which processes ran successfully? Where did problems occur? Just get an overview.
Integration in MS Teams With the ChatOps integration of AWX notifications in Microsoft Teams, you can see the status of your Automation jobs immediately and color-coded. The link takes you directly from Teams to the corresponding job in AWX.

AWX – The Enterprise GUI for Ansible

Ansible takes care of automating your processes – AWX takes care of the rest. With AWX, Ansible is complemented by important enterprise features such as reporting and security. In addition, the software collects all important information about your automations in a modern web interface.

Possibilities with the Ansible AWX BASIC SYSTEM

Cost transparency Has your investment in automation paid off? You can estimate your ROI via the number of executions and the time saved.
Large community with integrations Benefit from the knowledge of a worldwide community and the multiple integration possibilities.
Individual rights management Who is allowed to do what? With AWX you can easily set this and assign rights yourself.
Scheduling and Workflows Define graphically in which order the tasks should be processed. Then determine the desired time of the start.
Reporting All processes of your automation at a glance. The integrated dashboards provide quick insights.
REST API Easily connect other software as well as your own processes to your system.

Share expert knowledge

There are experts for every field. But they can’t take on all the tasks at the same time. With automation, you can make their knowledge available to the entire team in just a few clicks. This relieves employees and your experts can devote themselves to more important things again.


Here’s how Ansible integration works

Ansible and AWX are open source products. That means: you can use them freely. But it also means: you don't get support for installation, integration or maintenance. This is where we come in. We help you set up the software, customize it to your needs and solve the problems in daily business.


Requirements & sizing

We determine what your automation requirements are and what performance you need.


Base system installation

Our expert teams will visit you and install the basic system at your site.


Individualization with AWX

We connect external systems: Version Management, CMDB, Firewall, Authentication and many more.


Implementation of use cases

We will create and test initial use cases and show you how to reuse code.


Introductory training

We will show you all the functions so that you can benefit comprehensively from the software and find your way around immediately.


Hotline support

If something does not work, you can reach us via our hotline or by mail. Our experts will take care of it.

Integration & Development

Ansible service

Are you looking to deploy Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform in your organization? Then you need someone to handle integration and development. We will be happy to do that for you. Just send us a message.



The Ansible Automation Platform as well as AWX are strongly supported by our business partner Red Hat. Together with the open source communities, Red Hat develops various types of software. So if you want to learn more about Ansible, Tower, and AWX, feel free to stop by Red Hat.