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Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.
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automation of all processes

Automation is the key to an efficient start to the digital transformation of your business. Employees are relieved of repetitive tasks and can devote themselves to more important ones. Automic Automation (formerly "UC4" or "Automic Workload Automation") is the perfect automation solution for companies with large workloads. The agent-based system is used as the central orchestrator for all processes and enables cross-technology and cross-departmental work.
Save costs Automic processes recurring tasks automatically and with consistent quality. This relieves employees, minimizes errors and saves time and money.
Scalable for YOUR business Automic grows with you and your tasks. Thanks to cluster capability, the software can run all automation tasks simultaneously.
100% Compliance Version management, history recording and the "zero downtime upgrade" meet all compliance and legal requirements.
API driven Integrate SAP, databases, custom automations and more with Automic. Also benefit from the extensive community integrations.
Mainframe & Microservices No matter how you work - as a central over-orchestrator, Automic software connects all worlds and can easily map your use cases.
Automation as Code Let your developers use Automic as a platform and easily transfer code artifacts between dev/test/prod environments.
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Workload Automation

Automation makes your business more efficient and digital. Feel free to write to us and we'll show you how Automic can help drive your business forward.

A look into the software

A modern web interface allows you to work comfortably and efficiently with Automic. Keep track of all operations with multiple browser tabs.

TASK LIST Powerful reporting and search functions support you in keeping an eye on all your automatic processes. The executions in the system are also logged and are available for evaluations. This means that it is always possible to determine exactly who executed a process and at what times. This makes it child's play to answer queries from security or compliance.
Workflow Are your company's processes very complex? Automic offers extensive possibilities to map this complexity. With the graphical modeling, you have the optimal overview. Simply drag and drop the individual modules into a workflow.
We support you

The integration of Automic Software

In order to perfectly integrate Automic into your company's processes, we will assist you with the implementation. This service accompanies you from the determination of your requirements to the training of your employees.


Requirements determination

First, we look at the scope and field of application of your cases and assess the requirements.


Proof of Concept

Then we perform a test installation. Here you test the software on an example.



You decide how much performance you need. Of course, we can adjust the clusters at any time.


Installation & Customizing

We set everything up while customizing the software to meet your specific needs.


Automation development

Depending on the level of knowledge, we develop all automations together with you or for you.



Even after installation, we support you with Automic training.

Maintenance We also take care of the maintenance of your software. You decide whether a service within the opening hours is enough for you or whether you need 24/7 support.
Automic has now been on the market for over 30 years. What was formerly called UC4 Software was then acquired by our partner Broadcom. Want to learn more? For more information about Automic Workload Automation, visit Broadcom's website.

You want to see more?

Then arrange a demo and test the software at your leisure. Write us a message. We will be happy to help you.