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Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

react faster

Relax, because DICOS EscAL® is the central solution for all your alarms and events! So you always react immediately and appropriately - whether through automation designed by you or through the use of escalation plans.
Central alarm everywhere No matter where you are: EscAL® alerts you reliably so that nothing is lost and you can react at any time. Configure yourself which ways you want to be alerted. Define WHO is alerted and WHEN is escalated. Keep an eye on critical events at all times for more security in your company.
Umbrella management for all alarms Keep an overview: There are many sources of alarms in your company, but you can only assess the situation appropriately with an overall view. Use EscAL® as an umbrella manager for all alarms of all IT and IoT systems, regardless of the manufacturer. Dissolve management silos and recognize new contexts.
24/7 operation with integrated escalation Sleep soundly: Monitor your IT systems seamlessly around the clock - with no on-call presence requirement. Alarms are automatically escalated according to your priority until someone accepts the processing. The EscAL® app gives you access anytime, anywhere.

More Benefits

Productivity Smart filtering of important alarms and targeted addressing with acknowledgement of receipt for fast problem resolution
Service quality Early detection of critical faults for rapid response and resolution to meet SLAs.
360° view Central view of the entire IT infrastructure. A wide variety of systems can be connected via generic interfaces. Get an overview of your infrastructure in its context.
Mobility Location-independent alerting and fault isolation via app as well as notification through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.
Automation The safe alerting of the responsible person according to the duty roster, the choice of the information path set depending on the time are only first steps and already firmly implemented in EscAL®. Through a simple script language you can quickly define any actions on the already normalized alarms.
Traceability through audit trail The actions performed are documented in a journal. This allows you to maintain an overview at all times and ensure traceability - also with regard to the involvement of external service providers.
Multi-client capability Whether you offer a service to different customers without the individual instances influencing each other, or whether you want to control access rights in a targeted manner - EscAL® gives you all the options.

Mainova AG places high demands on reliability and security. With DICOS EscAL® we now have a central overview of the alarms of all connected systems and a well thought-out escalation. It also eliminates the need for constant monitoring of the GUI.

Christian Fieres, Head of Service Operation Center, Mainova AG


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