Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Complete solution

In creating the DICOS Management Modules, we combine our know-how as an integrator with our passion for high-performance software development.
The benefit for you: DX NetOps Spectrum becomes your standard platform company-wide, mapping your complete IT environment - even if the manufacturer does not provide a corresponding module for legacy or special applications.
In this way, one product becomes a complete solution for the entire system landscape in your company!

Over 60 different DICOS modules

DX NetOps Spectrum needs knowledge about the specifics of the system components from which data is received. For this we take over the complete device certification for you. We integrate the manufacturer MIB, map the DX NetOps Spectrum attributes, display them in OneClick and create the necessary traps, events and alarms.

Do you also want to synchronize alarms between DX NetOps Spectrum and element management systems? Or you want to reconfigure network elements automatically via SSH?

Based on the DX NetOps Spectrum CORBA interface and in Java, we also implement these and many other intelligent mechanisms in your DX NetOps Spectrum management system!

Integration of applications in DX NETOPS Spectrum

We enable the bidirectional connection of applications such as ticket systems or provisioning solutions. We have also successfully implemented the connection of CMDBs from various manufacturers on behalf of customers.


Thanks to the DICOS module for integrating the Rittal components, I have an integrated view of our server racks in SPECTRUM. This makes my work easier because I don't have to change the monitoring console and I immediately recognize when certain threshold values are exceeded.

Maik Bernhardt, Service and Information Technology Department, City of Herne


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