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Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Security and overview in your network

Whether you need an overview of the use of corporate resources or need to prevent access: The DICOS Port Access Monitor (DICOS PAM) offers a reliable basis with the two options Client Tracking and Access Control.
Transparency in your network through tracking The tracking of port access with the precise assignment of clients (for example IP phones, printers, PCs or hosts) including the access history enables a comprehensive overview. This is the ideal basis for optimal use of corporate resources, demand planning and departmental billing, etc. In addition, all rights of the users are safeguarded.
Network Access Control: The doorman of your network Unauthorized access, intrusion of third-party hardware, unauthorized moves and attacks on the network (e.g. MAC flooding etc.) are reliably prevented. Guest and service accesses can be set up conveniently and time-dependently. DICOS PAM reacts immediately by evaluating events such as link-up traps and MAC notifications. In this way, company networks of any size and complexity are securely protected.
The complete overview - even in the WIFI DICOS PAM in combination with PAM FOR WLAN TRACKING guarantees a view of all devices that are present in the entire network. So, you monitor not only devices connected to switch ports, but also mobile devices logged into the WIFI, such as laptops, mobile devices and tablets. You can even distinguish between internal and external users.

More advantages

Optional use as user tracking or as network access control
User tracking in LAN and WIFI
Support for SNMP traps and SSH polling
Accurate determination of port access - current and historical
Networking with existing data sources possible, e.g. a CMDB
Basis for billing and demand planning in IT infrastructure and facility management
Agentless monitoring through use of standard MIBs
Integration with DX NetOps Spectrum possible

We chose the Port Access Monitor from DICOS as the solution for the topic of access control and port allocation because it provides us with the greatest benefit at low cost. In addition, the existing integration of DICOS PAM in DX Spectrum and the associated minimal training time convinced us.

Manfred Klinkler, Head of Data Network Operations, Facilities - Onsite IT, Operations Industrial Park Höchst, Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

control and efficiency with DICOS PAM

Do you know who, when and where has access in your network?

The security of a network has a particularly high priority for every company – unauthorized access must be excluded in any case. Not only the reliable detection, but also the immediate reaction is crucial for the security level. With the Port Access Monitor you are on the safe side.

How can an existing infrastructure be used more efficiently?

For this purpose, recording the actual use of LAN and WIFI access is an essential basis. Especially in dynamic networks, it is a challenge to always maintain an overview. With the Port Access Monitor’s client tracking, you are always in the know.


Available options
  • High availability installation
  • Use of an external database
  • Use only for user tracking
  • User tracking of mobile devices
  • Network access control system
Simple integration
  • 802.1x support
  • Connection to your CMDB (directly or via data import)
  • Cross Vendor
Integration with DX NetOps Spectrum
  • Application in DX NetOps Spectrum
  • Transfer of user configuration
  • Use of Global Collections
  • Alarming via OneClick

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