Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Monitor your network and third-party networks comprehensively.

Identifying network errors at a glance: not a problem – within your internal network. But what about SaaS solutions and cloud applications? These areas are beyond the control of your IT and can become a risk to the security and efficiency of your company. With AppNeta from Broadcom, you can bridge the gaps in your network observability and regain control over the entire network path.

Visualize and troubleshoot errors in the network path. Monitor all connections along the network path: The most critical applications are tested for service quality at the AppNeta monitoring points, whether the network is controlled by you or by third parties.
Improve end-user experience. More and more people are working remotely, either completely or temporarily. Therefore, your IT has to monitor the network performance of many VPN users. Thanks to AppNeta, you can do this centrally from the end users' perspective.
Optimize costs and scale flexibly. With AppNeta, you always know how much bandwidth you are receiving and can monitor the performance of external vendors and providers. AppNeta scales flexibly to meet the increasing demands of your IT.

Comprehensive solution for your IT.

AppNeta extends your traditional monitoring solution to include SaaS and cloud services from external vendors and partners, as well as remote connections from providers.

By monitoring both the applications and the network paths they traverse, AppNeta provides real-time visibility into the performance of your SD-WAN’s dynamic routing.


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Tell us about your monitoring challenges: We provide individual consulting on AppNeta and other Broadcom products, working together with you to find the solution that advances your enterprise IT.

These features wait you.

With AppNeta, you have real-time visibility into your network performance and the performance of all applications from anywhere, at any time. Large companies around the world are already take benefit from AppNeta. Take advantage of the following monitoring features:

4-dimensional monitoring See how applications perform from the user's perspective and view path, packet, web, and flow data in a compact overview.
Real-time monitoring You monitor your network in real time and have continuous information on latency, packet loss, bandwidth utilization and bottlenecks.
Detailed root cause analysis Utilize comprehensive diagnostic tools, intelligent alerts, and automation to quickly resolve network errors.
Measure VoIP and communication quality With AppNeta, you can specifically evaluate the quality of Voice-over-IP and take necessary steps to prevent disruptions and latency.

Insights into AppNeta.

Take a look at the software and see for yourself. Or write to us and we will arrange an individual product presentation, tailored to the needs of your company. Request now.

Clear performance evaluation. Improve the efficiency of your network by evaluating performance. You can view network tests alone or in combination with synthetic tests. Analyze all locations together or dive into detail and examine the performance per location.
Geographic overview. This unique view displays network paths on an interactive map, providing you with a geographic overview of the state of your network. Green connections indicate everything is working fine, while black and red connections indicate various issues.
Trace network paths. Track your packets through your network and identify issues early on. You have the option to display individual hops, including the "last mile," or aggregate the view by networks. Additionally, you can filter network paths and set different time frames.

Appneta and DX Netops.

Bridge the gap in your monitoring: AppNeta can not only be used independently but also seamlessly integrates with your network management using DX NetOps. This extends your network monitoring to include all previously unseen cloud and SaaS solutions used by your organization.


The IT department faces solvable challenges on a daily basis – the solution just needs to be found. How long it takes your IT to find that solution is in your hands. Many companies choose AppNeta for these reasons:

Get to the root cause.

Before: Minor network outages cause disruptions in online meetings with clients. Since the connection quickly recovers, network monitoring tools fail to capture the problem.

After: AppNeta provides a detailed log, allowing the cause, such as an unauthorized change to the firewall, to be quickly identified. Online meetings run smoothly from then on.

Two steps ahead of the mistake.

Before: IT is flooded with support requests from various departments. Several employees are busy just sifting through the requests. As a result, the MTTR becomes longer.

After: AppNeta reports a fault in a SaaS application. When the first support requests come in, IT is prepared and the solution is already implemented. Thus, AppNeta significantly shortens the MTTI.


In recent years, the challenges for IT departments have increased: The move to the cloud, more SaaS solutions and more remote work significantly increases the monitoring effort. We have been watching the development of AppNeta for years and see it as a powerful tool to give IT departments back control over their infrastructure and applications.

Nicola Fujara, IT Solution Architect at DICOS

Happy employees. Satisfied customers.

For an IT that works.


The right solution for your company, your employees, and your customers: Improve the user experience of your IT with AppNeta.