Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

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As the operator of a large network, what do you have to do with the far side of the moon? Quite simply, what is really happening in detail in your network is as invisible to you as the dark side of the moon. But with the right tools, you can not only look closely, you can understand and use what was previously hidden for your business success.
FULL TRANSPARENCY OF YOUR DATA TRAFFIC With Kentik, you can accurately track the path of your network traffic in real-time across all network paths and the Internet. You see your network data in full resolution, flow records, GeoIP, BGP, SNMP and performance metrics are captured across all internal network and Internet paths. This gives you the basis for comprehensive analysis and targeted responses.
INSIGHTS FOR PLANNING, OPTIMIZATION AND COST CONTROL Network data can be correlated with application and business data. In the process, each network event or analysis is linked to the most important factors: Revenue and cost, customer and user experience, performance and risk.
COMPREHENSIVE OPTIONS AND SECURITY You get a complete overview and detect anomalies immediately. You reduce potential damage through permanent monitoring, systematic identification, analysis and reconstruction of attacks. The unique Big Data architecture supports real-time and forensic use cases based on raw data stored for months.

more use cases

Analysis of traffic between data centers
Planning and peering
Fast troubleshooting and analysis of negative effects
Traffic Cost Optimization
Customized reports for decision makers and customers
DDoS threat detection and defense
Cloud or on premise

BOTH Possible

Kentik is a cloud-based solution (Software as a Service) hosted for European customers at Equinix in Frankfurt am Main and meets all security requirements, in particular also the requirements of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
In addition, implementation in customers' data centers (on premise) is possible if the solution is to be deployed on a very large scale or if corporate policies or compliance do not make a SaaS solution possible.

Features of the cloud-based SaaS solution:

Features of the On Premise Solution:

Kentik's public cloud with multiple SaaS clients
Easy onboarding and quick use of the solution
Lowest total cost of ownership
Option for encrypted data flow
Private connections from the customer to Kentik's public cloud
Implementation in the customer's data center
Hardware specified by Kentik
Solution fully managed by Kentik
For largest environments
Highest security level
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