Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Minimize service interruptions

Route planning, monitoring and optimization: Blue Planet Route Optimization and Assurance (ROA) provides a unique combination of routing, traffic and performance analysis. It supports real-time, path-based operational monitoring and retrospective forensics. This enables analysis of problems that have led or may lead to service interruptions. Interactive modeling techniques help engineers predict the impact of topology changes, simulate new workloads for capacity planning, and test outage scenarios.
Ideal supplement to the existing network management ROA enables the planning, monitoring and optimization of static and dynamic routes in data networks and thus ideally complements existing network management systems. Network operators get a good overview of the condition, status and utilization of their infrastructure with SNMP tools. Likewise, NetFlow monitors give them insight into traffic flow. But it is only with ROA that they can see the paths (routes) of data packets in the network and thus estimate or weight the effects of path changes.
Recognize cause and effect With ROA you get information about the cause of a path change, e.g. an unstable interface or the total failure of a line. In addition, ROA shows you the impact of this defect on the rest of the infrastructure, because now the data traffic has to be handled additionally by other lines. Longer transaction times and associated complaints from users or customers are a typical consequence that you can avoid with the help of ROA.
Satisfy customers in a dynamic environment Dynamic protocols such as OSPF switch independently to new paths in failure situations. ROA helps to quickly resolve the negative effects of this switching, such as increased latency. ROA thus supports conventional fault management solutions by providing additional information about the effects.

Integration with other network solutions such as Blue Planet's Route Optimization and Assurance (ROA) provides better insight into the dynamic routing topology. This makes it easier to detect changes, analyze them, and trigger troubleshooting if necessary.

Stephan Seeger, Head of the Network Planning and Development, City of Frankfurt


Software Suite Intelligente Automatisierung

The Blue Planet “Intelligent Automation Platform” meets today’s requirements for flexibility, efficiency and automation by introducing technologies such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Blue Planet is a comprehensive software suite that combines orchestration, advanced analytics and network services assurance into a common architecture.

The following Blue Planet products can be implemented individually or combined as desired:

  • Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO)
  • NFV Orchestration
  • Analytics
  • Network Health Predictor (NHP)
  • Inventory
  • Route Optimization and Assurance (ROA)
  • Manage, Control and Plan (MCP)

Vorteile der Software Suite INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION

Business agility and service speed are significantly increased by abstracting network complexity and supporting intelligent and automated network operations.

End-to-end network and resource visibility and advanced network analytics continuously improve operational efficiency through policy-driven actions.

Rapid development of innovative services meets customers’ rapidly changing needs, improving customer retention and acquisition.

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