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Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Simplify device setup

It couldn't be simpler: Set up the DICOS TrapRouter once in all your network devices and servers as the destination address, because it manages all traps and syslog messages in a single high-availability system. The strength of the high-performance and scalable DICOS TrapRouter is particularly evident in large enterprise networks.
Adjust goals dynamically Change the destinations of the management information of all your devices centrally and on the fly. Multiple destination addresses can be set up for a sending device and even individual traps and syslog messages can be forwarded separately.
Control processing centrally Filter traps and syslog messages with DICOS TrapRouter, forward them to the right recipients and store them in log files/databases for later analysis. The rules for further processing are freely definable.
Testing with live data Route traps or syslog messages in parallel to a test environment or pre-production. This gives you meaningful results with real data that you can compare with those of the production system.

expand the view of your network:

No matter where your traps and syslog messages come from and where they are to be processed further: DICOS TrapRouter not only provides you with connectivity, but also with additional overview in configurable dashboards.










The DICOS TrapRouter as a central extension of our DX Spectrum [today: DX NetOps Sepctrum] platform allows us to send traps to different network management environments in a timely and dynamic manner. Instead of having to continuously adjust thousands of network components in our very dynamic network with respect to their alarm targets, this is done centrally on the TrapRouter via simple rules - already fully automated for DX Spectrum [today: DX NetOps Spectrum].

Alexander Bünger, OSS Designer, Operations Planning, Telefónica Germany

What you can achieve with the dicos traprouter

Simplify heterogeneous infrastructure The DICOS TrapRouter makes you independent of the configuration options of components from any vendor. Even non-standard syslogs are reliably processed.
Forward targeted With the DICOS TrapRouter you can forward the various trap types and even individual traps and syslog messages in a targeted manner: e.g. to any NMS and to other network areas.
Remain fit for the future In addition to SNMP v1, v2c and Syslog messages, encrypted SNMP v3 traps are also securely decoded, decrypted and controlled.
Support fault management Get additional information on throughput and origin of traps and thus increase transparency in the network environment. Detect and analyze trapstorms safely and quickly.

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