Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Complex software perfectly integrated

A single brain cell can do very little. But in intelligent interaction with many other cells, a powerful brain acts as the human control center. The situation is similar to the complex enterprise software we offer. These management systems can only develop their full value if they are meaningfully integrated into your company's IT infrastructure and processes.
Choosing the system Adapted to your company and requirements, we select solutions that integrate perfectly to your company. We make sure this integration is carried out successfully and a holistic solution is created.
INSTALLATION We install and configure the systems we deliver so that they can be seamlessly integrated into your environment. Documentation, briefings for your teams and training are part of our service.
Interfaces Management systems receive data from others and process, display or pass it on. Therefore, systems normally provide standard interfaces. But sometimes different standards in the systems make integration challenging. We make sure that such situations are mastered and a high-performance overall system is created.

Integration Services

Off-The-Shelf Installation Sometimes, customer requirements are already covered by the installation and configuration of a software solution. Our consultants will do this for you within a few days.
Certification Systems such as DX NetOps Spectrum or DX NetOps Performance Management must have knowledge of the special features of the network components from which they receive data. For most of the components, the vendor already includes definitions of the components. However, if information is required for new systems or niche products, we would be happy to do the "device certification" for you.
Management Modules The development of complete management modules goes one step beyond device certification. These make it possible to seamlessly integrate special functions of certain network components into the management.
Automation Based on our toolbox, we enable our customers to carry out recurring actions automatically. For example, we can automate the query and reconfiguration of network elements using the SSH protocol.

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