Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Complex software perfectly integrated

Think of your IT infrastructure as a brain: Each cell contains important information that contributes to the operation of the system. But a single cell can do very little on its own. Only in the intelligent interaction of all cells and thanks to the clever neuron connection can the brain develop its full potential and function reliably. And even damage to one connection can disrupt operation and lead to failures.

To ensure that this does not happen in your network, we specialize in the integration of complex enterprise software in very large networks and ensure that all components of your system are optimally and functionally interconnected.

SYSTEM SELECTION Our experts advise you on individual network solutions that we tailor to your system. Tell us what you need and we will implement it.
INSTALLATION We install the systems we deliver so that they integrate seamlessly into your network environment and all components are connected in the best possible way.
CONFIGURATION The correct network configuration as well as documentation, instruction and training are a natural part of the DICOS service.


Create interfaces

You need data for your management system. It’s the only way to make predictions, feed AI, and populate dashboards. Interfaces allow the data to reach all network components unhindered and thus ensure smooth operation and seamless monitoring of your network.

However, different system standards quickly become a challenge for network integration and individual solutions are required! For this reason, DICOS has been creating customized overall technical systems that meet the IT requirements of customers for more than 20 years.


Companies with very large IT infrastructures in particular quickly reach the limits of the software available on the market. The more individual the requirements, the greater the challenge for your IT team. With our expert knowledge and modern development methods, we program individual software solutions – exactly for your IT landscape!

Advantages of DICOS integration

Advice from experienced experts Every customer order begins with a consultation: What must your system be able to do? How can we implement it?
Off-the-shelf installation Your requirements are already met with a standard solution? We can configure that for you in just a few days.
Certifications We are vendor-certified and have been working with our partners' products for years, for example with DX NetOps.
Automatisierung Machen Sie sich die Arbeit leichter und automatisieren Sie wiederkehrende Aktionen. Wir helfen Ihnen dabei.

Strong partners

Integration depends on technical know-how, but also on the quality of the software. We work closely with manufacturers such as Broadcom because we are 100% convinced of the benefits of the products for our customers.

get to know us

We would be happy to discuss with you which network solution fits your requirements. Arrange an appointment with our experts.

Customized solutions
long-term customer relationships
high professional competence

DICOS has been a reliable partner of HUK-COBURG for many years, and we particularly value their technical expertise. The DICOS team masters the solutions we use in detail. Additional requirements are also discussed openly at any time and solved in a targeted manner through individual developments. This gives us exactly the support we need.

Frank Elliger, SE Netzwerkmanagement, HUK-COBURG