Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Your Path to Success
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Do you feel frustrated when your applications present you with the following challenges?

  • Drop in performance: Sluggish applications slow down your processes.
  • Unexpected outages: Services suddenly break down.
  • Complex platforms: Cluttered applications make management difficult.
  • Extended downtimes: Productivity and customer satisfaction suffer.

Together, we can overcome these challenges so that your software always performs at its best – whether on-premises or in the cloud. Find out more.

Instana Observability

The Solution for
Full Stack Observability

IBM Instana offers you a real-time solution for full stack observability. It's more than just monitoring – it's observation at the highest level. With Instana, you can automatically monitor your entire applications and services, detect errors in real-time, and act immediately.

70 %

shorter average
repair time.

90 %

less time spent by
developers on troubleshooting.

60 %

 fewer sales-damaging

* Based on information from IBM Instana
AGENTS Instana agents use over 100 sensors. They automatically detect all middleware components involved in an application and the infrastructure on which they are running. All relevant data is automatically collected, continuously analysed and displayed. From the occurrence of a problem to its display it only takes a maximum of 3 seconds.
DRILL DOWN From the central infrastructure view, you can drill down into the processes running on each host to individual pods and containers. In the dependency map, you can see live dependencies and queries. Clear dashboards show failed queries, latency, CPU usage and other relevant information.
CONTEXT Instana captures real-time data exchanges (e.g., calls and their response times, logs, etc.) between components and provides context to the underlying services. This is done automatically by powerful AI and based on the observed queries. This way, the root cause of a problem is easily tracked and visible.


Instana is a German software company and was acquired by IBM in 2020. With its AI-supported APM solutions, it masters the challenges faced by operators of complex hybrid cloud environments. It therefore perfectly complements the DICOS portfolio.

You Can Expect These Benefits

Performance Optimization Take the pressure off your agile DevOps team and accelerate CI/CD pipelines.
Resource Optimization You identify resources that are not needed or are poorly utilized.
Real-Time Observability You monitor in real time and know the problem in only 3 seconds!
Hybrid Cloud Observability You monitor your applications holistically - from mobile to mainframe.



Experience and Expertise

Personal Contact

Tailored to You

DICOS perfectly completes the Instana portfolio. As an experienced consultant and implementation partner, we not only offer you the introduction of Instana but also comprehensive integration into your existing IT landscape. Our powerful interface from Instana to Netcool Operations Insight (NOI) maximizes the benefits for your company.

Insights into Instana

INSTANT TRANSPARENCY Instana discovers all objects in the Kubernetes cluster and automatically monitors pods and containers, as well as the utilization of available resources. All queries are captured, profiles are created for each process, data is correlated and analysed. This way, all applications and services are monitored completely and to the second.
COMPREHENSIVE UNDERSTANDING Instana visualizes live the current dependencies of applications and services. You can see how components relate to each other and understand the cause and impact of a problem.
PRECISE INSIGHTS Automated monitoring, comprehensive data model, and powerful semantics, coupled with deep analytics, provide the insights you need. Instana enables you to understand all information in context and allows you to take targeted action.

We were already familiar with Instana from customer projects before it was acquired by IBM. We value it as a very innovative tool for gaining a complete overview of the application and server landscape. Whether in the cloud or "on-prem" - Instana offers all the functions for monitoring and problem analysis in increasingly complex IT landscapes. I am therefore delighted that we, as an IBM Business Partner, are able to present Instana to our customers!

Michael Troitzsch, Solution Architect, DICOS

How does your company benefit from the combination of Instana with IBM Netcool and IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps?

The combination of Instana and IBM Netcool/IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps unites the strengths of both worlds. DICOS has developed a powerful interface from Instana to Netcool Operations Insight (NOI). This integration enables you to make optimum use of the added value of both technologies. We would be happy to show you the individual benefits of this solution for your company.

How does Instana support the monitoring of microservice architectures?

Instana monitors microservice architectures by automatically detecting and analyzing all services and dependencies in real-time. This monitoring ensures detailed insights into performance and enables rapid identification and resolution of problems. With DICOS, you can seamlessly integrate Instana into your systems and achieve maximum efficiency. This improves the reliability and scalability of your applications.

What is the main advantage of Instana compared to conventional APM solutions?

Instana is specially optimized for cloud-native and containerized environments, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. Problems are immediately detected, and AI-supported analyses are used to ensure faster and more effective problem resolution. Compared to traditional APM tools, Instana enables significantly higher efficiency and accuracy in monitoring and troubleshooting through intelligent automation.


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