Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

individual software Solutions for special requirements

Sometimes IT requirements cannot be met or at least not exclusively with software that is available on the market. For these cases DICOS develops the necessary software individually for your customer environment.

Convince yourself

Fast solutions adapted to customers Individual solutions from DICOS always pursue the goal of quickly achieving high-quality results. In doing so, the maintainability of the resulting software is a concern for us, because we would like to support you over the entire lifetime of the software.
Intelligent interfaces with expert knowledge Our processes and tools are based on the current state of the art. We rely on agile methods as well as frameworks and libraries available on the market. Thus, we realize a functional solution within your time and budget constraints. If required, we also comply with specifications regarding your company's methodology and runtime environment.
Modern development methods and tools Any software can only be used meaningfully in a company if it fits into the company's processes and IT landscape. An essential aspect of this is the use of existing interfaces to avoid media discontinuity and reduce manual work steps to what is necessary. We know and master the most diverse interfaces - both APIs and communication interfaces, from legacy to the most modern variants.

More benefits

Perfect integration into your IT infrastructure
Fast realization according to company specifications
Combination of make (if necessary) and buy (if reasonable)
We stand by our solution and support the software for the long term.
Implementation based on a fixed price without cost risk.

Project examples

Dial-up and routing system

Realization of a web-based system through which a company in the logistics sector can carry out functional communication with personnel on board vehicles.
This means that a caller no longer needs to know who is driving a vehicle and what their cell phone number is. Instead, they can use the system to connect to the driver of Line 5, for example, or send an SMS.

Service Monitor

A web application for a telecommunications provider that gives its customers a real-time overview of the functional status of booked services.
The system has communication interfaces to the relevant internal systems, processes the information and presents it in a form that the end customer can understand.




The platform automation portal helps people without know-how of the automation software Automic to trigger certain processes via a graphical user interface. The portal is implemented as a microservice architecture. The individual microservices are controlled via a dashboard.
Thanks to an agile way of working, the solution continues to adapt to growing customer requirements.



End-to-end service dashboard

A customized web application that visualizes the results of end-to-end monitoring of key applications for an international industrial customer. Application managers and IT managers thus have a quick overview of the availability of the central applications – from the user’s point of view.



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