Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Put an End to Spreadsheets

Are your company’s cloud costs over 1 million euros? Then you know these challenges:

  • Unclear cost control: No allocation of cloud costs.
  • Lack of transparency: No overview of application usage.
  • Over-provisioning: Oversized cloud resources.
  • Comparison problems: No clear comparison for cloud migration.

These problems lead to inefficient processes and unnecessarily high costs. There is a solution that overcomes all these challenges and optimizes your cloud costs. Find out more.

Apptio Cloudability

The Right Balance for
Your Technology Budget

Apptio is a leader in technology and financial management, helping organizations gain visibility and control over their IT spend.


Cloud Cost Savings.


Lower Vendor &
SaaS Spend.


Faster Scenario Planning.

* Based on information from Apptio

Is That What You Want Too?

Dynamic Dimensioning Overview of the actual use of cloud resources for rightsizing.
Responsibility Correct dimensioning by the respective cost centers.
Cost Center Allocation Allocation of cloud costs to the corresponding services or cost centers.
Optimal Workload Management Efficient management of workloads in the public cloud.

Keep Your Cloud Costs

Under Control

Apptio Cloudability is the leading platform for optimizing your cloud usage and costs. It is designed for companies that run their applications in a public cloud or multi-cloud environment (AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI). Apptio has different versions that are tailored to different needs and environments.

How You Benefit from
Apptio Cloudability

Optimal Collaboration Improve collaboration between IT, finance, and operations.
Plan and Predict with Confidence Identify where investments are well spent and how to optimize your cloud consumption in the future.
Finally get an Overview Understand all cloud spend, identify spend drivers, and optimize your costs.
Save Costs Save high cloud costs by booking and paying only for what your company really needs.


Experience and Expertise

Personal Contact

Tailored to you

DICOS offers comprehensive support for the integration of Apptio Cloudability. With a holistic view of your IT landscape and extensive experience from complex projects, we develop customized solutions. As your personal contact, we accompany you through the entire process. We focus on your needs in order to efficiently design your Apptio Cloudability integration.

Your everyday life with
Apptio Cloudability

Are you wondering how Apptio Cloudability will change your everyday life when it comes to managing and optimizing cloud costs? Apptio Cloudability supports you in all phases of the FinOps lifecycle so that you always have an overview and can reduce costs efficiently.
Inform You can finally see who is using how many cloud resources. This allows you to allocate expenditure to cost centers even in multi-cloud environments and gain planning security.
Optimize With Apptio Cloudability, you can discover unused resources and dimension workloads much better. This allows you to optimize your cloud bit by bit.
Operate Take control of your everyday cloud life: Apptio dashboards display your complex data volumes in a simple way. Apptio Cloudability visualizes for you what you used to have to click together in spreadsheets.

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies bring many challenges - not only technically, but also commercially. DICOS is an experienced IBM Business Partner. With the introduction of Apptio Cloudability, DICOS supports the IT department, finance, and specialist departments as well as management in the FinOps process. Costs and usage are presented transparently, precise cost forecasts are made, valuable insights are gained into how cloud investments affect business development, and specific optimization recommendations are made. This motivates users and enables everyone involved to use cloud resources much more efficiently.

Carsten Böckelmann, Partner Recruitment Leader, IBM Germany