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Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

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Complex business processes in your company become a no-brainer. No matter how many departments are involved and what expertise and experience the responsible persons have. Everyone knows what has to be done when and how. Your employees have capacity for really important tasks and you realize the optimal Return on Investment (RoI) for your company.

Here’s how it works: With the open standard BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) and the open source software Camunda, we structure and automate your processes. So, time-consuming status meetings belong to the past and your processes run exactly as they should.

Reduce costs.
Gain freedom.
Strengthen growth.
Simplified communication You display work steps and their sequences via BPMN in a uniform manner. This is easily understandable and comprehensible for all process participants. This simplifies company-wide communication and strengthens cross-team collaboration.
guided process flow With the Camunda software, you automatically guide the participants through a modeled process. In the process, the respective responsible persons are informed about upcoming tasks at the right time. Reminders or escalations are also possible.
Step by step automation Carry out individual work steps gradually in a fully automated manner and combine them as you wish with manual work steps. In this way, you can gradually achieve your individually preferred level of automation - without a high initial investment.
Individual consulting

Vibrant business processes

Standardized modeling and automatic guidance through processes makes your company more efficient. It is also a sensible preliminary stage to full automation. Get started. We go ahead and skillfully guide you around all the potholes.

Insight into the possibilities

Starting from a basic GUI, we adapt this to your corporate design and the needs of your employees and customers. Feel free to contact us and together we will take a look at the individual possibilities for your company. Request now.

Overview Your company has a large number of (critical) business processes. Now you have an overview of all your processes at any time. Because we create an individual overview for you - tailor-made for your business!
Perspective We prepare every single one of your (critical) business processes graphically - standardized and easy to understand. In this way, we create the ideal basis for company-wide exchange between those responsible within a process.
This is how it works.

Step by step to autopilot

We support you in breathing life into your business processes. In doing so, we take an agile approach: Your processes are created piece by piece - with useful interim results. In this way, we quickly create significant added value in the form of cost and time savings.



We talk to all stakeholders of a process and gather the knowledge about a process end-to-end.



We model your process graphically using BPMN and prepare it for automatic execution.



We create evaluation possibilities that support your business and your USP.


Customer participation

We design and develop a custom interface for you to engage your end users in the process.



We integrate your process tool into your IT landscape and create connections to surrounding systems.

from manual to fully automatic

Use Camunda as your central solution for mapping business processes! To work even more efficiently and save further costs, we recommend combining it with a technical automation solution like Automic Automation or Ansible and AWX. Secure the agile benefits now. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Wondering how this fits with your cloud strategy?

Excellent! Because with it you map your business processes end-to-end and not just the technical aspects in the individual isolated applications of the cloud providers. And of course, our solution can be installed in the cloud – whether public, private or hybrid cloud.


Any Questions?

Have we caught your interest? Would you like more information about our services and products or to arrange a demo? Contact us. We are happy to help you.