Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Network Management 2.0

Unify your network management and reduce disruptions and failures in your IT infrastructure. With DX NetOps Spectrum you can see the topology of your entire network in a simple representation at a glance. In the event of errors, you are automatically notified and informed about the cause of the error. As a result, you avoid manual and time-consuming troubleshooting and benefit from the comprehensive error detection.
AUTOMATIC ERROR AND CAUSE ANALYSIS Solve problems in your network infrastructure quickly and easily with cross-vendor & cross-technology automatic correlation of alarms. Faults can be solved directly at the causal source as the algorithm avoids multiple alarms.
SIMPLE TOPOLOGICAL REPRESENTATION See the topology of your entire network at a glance. Thanks to comprehensive discovery mechanisms, connections and dependencies are automatically detected and displayed. Errors and faults are displayed in the topology in a simplified way.
UNIFIED NETWORK SOLUTION Capture your entire IT and service landscape in one platform. Integrate different data sources and third-party systems into the AIOps Suite through various open interfaces. This way you get a unified monitoring of your network.

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What you can achieve with DX netops Spectrum

Scalability The transparent network view allows you to quickly detect error conditions and take appropriate countermeasures. DX NetOps Spectrum clearly displays the top alarms and the alarm-sending devices. Adding more servers also enables robust horizontal scaling. This makes DX NetOps Spectrum the tool of choice in very large carrier networks.
SECURITY Granular user management allows you to precisely control user privileges and roles. Define the extent to which users are allowed to view and edit alarms, topology and device information. Inheritable logical security mechanisms can be used to protect entire (sub-)topologies from unauthorized access.
AUTOMATION AND ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS DX NetOps Spectrum automates numerous administration processes, freeing up your IT to focus on your core business. Root cause analysis and fault isolation, for example, automatically display dependencies of lower- or higher-level systems and simplify troubleshooting. Alarms can be set and filtered in different ways. For alarm notification of responsible users, you have the free choice between classic e-mail dispatch, connection to a ticket system, and pull or push via REST subscriptions. The possibilities are as diverse as the environments in which DX NetOps Spectrum is used.



The DX NetOps products are now available in a convenient license bundle. This gives you all the tools you need to manage your network uniformly in just one license subscription. The modules are optimally coordinated and form the ideal complete solution for your network.


Frankfurt's city administration comprises more than 10,000 employees. To ensure that all processes function properly, more than 3,000 active network elements with almost 90,000 ports communicate with each other every day via 700 km of optical fiber and 2,200 km of copper cable. A heterogeneous infrastructure that was managed for a long time with isolated solutions. The problem: slow processes and a high susceptibility to errors. Together with DICOS, the city of Frankfurt has now optimized its network management.


Network items

Routers, switches, firewalls – a lot of equipment from different manufacturers.



Want to contact servers and elements at any time.



All of which are connected to a network infrastructure.


DICOS guaranteed compliance with our tight rollout plan as well as the required service and training. In addition, the price-performance ratio was right.

Stephan Seeger, Head of the Network Planning and Development, Cty of Frankfurt



With the introduction of DX NetOps Spectrum, the city of Frankfurt has created a uniform network management and monitoring system that significantly optimizes the routine processes of the Frankfurt network team. An alerting system with different escalation levels informs about possible obstructions at any time and allows IT to react much faster, which makes it easier to meet SLAs.

A complete solution from a single source was important to the city of Frankfurt. Short communication channels and clear responsibilities were also essential. In DICOS, it found the right partner for this.


Access on the move

Thanks to the mobile app, you are alerted about errors at any time, even when you are on the road. You also have an overview of your network at all times. The app includes dashboards, alerts, and provides access to all devices. Anytime. Anywhere. Secure and uncomplicated.
We have been implementing network management solutions from Broadcom (formerly CA Technologies) for more than 20 years. In doing so, we integrate our partner's products into our customers' existing system landscapes and adapt them individually to each company with different interfaces and modules.

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