Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Take a completely new look at your data!

Whatever contexts you want to investigate, DICOS log|essential 2.0 creates the ideal basis for it in any case. Do you want to use the collected data to prove compliance, to support monitoring and security, or to evaluate complex interrelationships from production systems? That's up to you, because DICOS log|essential 2.0 adapts to your individual requirements.
SEARCH LARGE AMOUNTS OF DATA QUICKLY AND EASILY Collect not only the log data of all your important IT systems centrally in a simple way, but also business-relevant information from production systems. Thanks to the integrated full-text search, you can centrally, quickly and reliably find and assign all relevant data and clearly display it in state-of-the-art dashboards.
REACT QUICKLY AND FLEXIBLY TO IMPORTANT EVENTS DICOS log|essential 2.0 is specialized in live data. In addition to powerful tools for analyzing time series, you can react quickly to important logs, events, performance data or sensor values. Flexible alerting allows you to adapt generic alert criteria to your relevant data, thus shortening your response time to critical events. Since the data management is largely schema-free, you evaluate any data formats, analyse them and react to them immediately.
OPEN SOURCE AND SMOOTH DEPLOYMENT - NO CONTRADICTION With Open Search and the DICOS Installation-Ready Pack we create the basis of your individual solution for data search and analysis. So you can start evaluating and displaying your first data sources right away - without the typical effort of configuration and integration. Training for your employees is also included in the basic version. And with additional Ready Packs and functions we adapt DICOS log|essential 2.0 to your individual requirements.

More advantages

Vividness You get the necessary overview through flexibly designable, interactive dashboards, which can also be used in the control center through automatic updating.
GDPR-Conformity Assignment of data to users can be prevented, for example, by anonymization. Do you additionally need to be able to prove a rule violation or even a criminal act? Then expand DICOS log|essential 2.0 with the 4-eyes principle Ready Pack with encryption and decryption.
Transparency of costs Open source in combination with DICOS Ready Packs and competent service guarantee full cost transparency and a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) at all times.
Individuality DICOS accompanies you in the implementation of your very specific requirements and use cases.

just the right thing

DICOS log|essential 2.0 is just right for your company if you know these thoughts:
"Commercial solutions do not fit our project and are too expensive!"
"Open source is cheap, but we don't have time for the complex implementation!"
"To adapt open source to our specific requirements, we lack the know-how!"

Any Questions?

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