Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

customized solutions for your data analysis


Open source solutions for the central evaluation of logs and performance data have been established on the market for years. Heavyweights such as ElasticSearch or its fork OpenSearch offer extensive features that leave nothing to be desired. We have already supported many customers through to productive use and beyond. We can therefore assure you that the solutions are robust and reliable, even for large volumes of data. Are you looking for a lean solution without the complex superstructure of a full-blown SIEM? Then broaden your horizons now!
Gain Time Concentrate on your core business! We keep your back free and help you, among other things, with the installation and configuration, with the creation of parsing rules and pipelines or with the implementation of your ideas.
Gain Overview Get the most out of your data: search, analyse and display any log and performance data, metrics, statistics, data from production systems, transaction data, tickets or web pages.
Leverage benefits Support your endpoint security, your SIEM, prove compliance. Analyse data from websites or production systems, for example, and present it clearly. The use cases are as diverse and individual as your business.
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A broad foundation for many use cases


The Elastic Stack/ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash) or OpenSearch with OpenSearch Dashboards provide you with a powerful search engine and flexible presentation of your data. Whatever you want to accomplish with this tool is up to you:
Analyse large amounts of data from any system and a wide variety of sources.
Present data and metrics clearly and flexibly on modern dashboards.
Identify complex relationships and gain new insights.
Support monitoring and IT security and prove compliance.
The software

A look at the possibilities

KEEP THE OVERVIEW We show you how to collect any data with OpenSearch and develop the appropriate criteria and rules for analysing it, then put it in the context that is relevant to you.
DON'T MISS A DETAIL When the details matter, zoom in on exactly the area that's relevant to you. You determine the focus on your data and set filters simply with a click of the mouse in the flexible dashboards.

what can we do for you?

Wherever you need help: Whether in consulting, installation, configuration, development for customization or training: we are happy to support you according to your requirements and needs. With agile methods we quickly achieve useful results. You benefit from our ideas and experience from many customer projects.



Our experts work with you to install the base system consisting of the Elastic Stack or OpenSearch and the OpenSearch Dashboards.



Together with you, we face your challenges and develop customized use cases that offer maximum added value.


Data acquisition

Our IT experts ensure that your relevant data is reliably collected and structured and create useful parsing rules.



We show you everything you need to operate the solution independently. This allows you to work efficiently and benefit maximally.


Hotline Service

If you have any questions or something is not working properly, you can reach us via our hotline or directly by e-mail. Our IT experts will be happy to help you at any time!


Turnkey Solution

Do you want to benefit from the open source community? But you prefer a turnkey solution? Then DICOS log|essential is exactly what you need!

Our alternative

DICOS Log|essential

Do you lack the resources to customize open source solutions in your day-to-day work? Or do you have respect for commissioning in production? That's perfectly understandable. With our turnkey log|essential solution based on OpenSearch, you can do this with ease. You can quickly and easily analyze any type of data and gain deep insights.

Any Questions?

Have we caught your interest? Would you like more information about our services and products or to arrange a demo? Contact us. We are happy to help you.