Performance Management
Just monitoring network traffic ist not enough. Learn more about how to gain key insights by monitoring the right performance parameters.

Shorter response times and proactive actions improve service

VGF wanted to replace its IT infrastructure management systems with a unified, scalable solution. Following the implementation of CA Spectrum (now DX NetOps Spectrum) by DICOS, a certified partner of Broadcom, the team of administrators now benefited from a convenient management system.




Switches throughout the city area

Maximizing the Potential of the network

Automated administration processes
Faster response times for queries
Better utilization of existing resources
Improved fault detection

Thanks to the introduction of DX NetOps, VGF now has a transparent and comprehensive overview of the entire network infrastructure at a central point. Furthermore, numerous administration processes have been automated and the work of the IT team has been optimized. Internal customer service for the specialist departments has also improved considerably, as response times for queries have been drastically reduced. The clear representation of the network topology and its components also led to better utilization of existing resources. Based on the data provided by DX NetOps, load distribution can be more clearly visualized and allocated accordingly. In addition, fault detection has been improved because DX NetOps visualizes potential problems before they can affect the network and its performance.


Thanks to DX NetOps, our service runs more smoothly, which has significantly reduced the number of complaints.

Nico Stübinger, Administrator IT Systems, Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main

DX NetOps unlocks boundless potential

More transparency for your network

Simplify your network management with DX NetOps, the all-in-one solution for effortlessly handling intricate IT infrastructures consisting of millions of components. Our team is ready to provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Unified tools and automation create transparency

VGF is responsible for public transport in the Main metropolis. Nine subway and ten streetcar lines with over 400 rail vehicles ensure comprehensive mobility. IT is essential for operations, because the availability of the network and its components stands and falls with it.

VGF’s network is connected by miles of fiber optic cables and distributed across the entire urban area of the Main metropolis. It comprises many components, including 250 switches, which are important for customer service at stops. Until now, VGF used two different solutions to monitor the complex network infrastructure. “However, these no longer offered the range of functions required in a modern IT environment with its constantly growing data volumes and real-time applications,” explains Nico Stübinger.

The cooperation with DICOS

For the introduction of DX NetOps, VGF has brought on board the long-standing Broadcom partner DICOS. DICOS has the necessary experience with complex network structures and knows the solution inside out. Based on a proof of concept, the DICOS specialists installed a unified platform for network management that covers VGF’s entire catalog of requirements.


The solution offers us an incredible range of functions, with which we can handle all administration procedures and automate numerous routine processes. Today, we have the ability to monitor the entire network infrastructure in a uniform manner, capturing all devices as well as components.

Nico Stübinger, Administrator IT Systems, Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main

Thanks to DX NetOps from Broadcom, the network is now completely covered with a single tool. The use of auto discovery makes it easier to locate and identify the causes of errors. This enables proactive action and significantly simplifies fault resolution.

Custom implementation

DICOS accompanies you on your DX NetOps journey

As an Expert Advantage Partner, DICOS enhances the Broadcom offering by providing exclusive professional services. We specialize in customizing your NetOps installations to suit your specific needs. Reach out to us for personalized assistance.

Smooth service and optimized work

The introduction of DX NetOps has significantly increased transparency in the VGF network. Users also benefit from this. This is because problems are resolved before users are affected. In addition, infrastructure and component failures have been minimized. For the first time, DX NetOps gives administrators a complete and uniform overview of the systems and they always know what functional status they are in. Finally, DX NetOps has reduced the documentation effort, because the network map is now automatically created by the system.

Advantages of VGF with DX Netops:

Faster fault response
Proactive action before disruptions occur
Better resource utilization
Individual load distribution
More transparency and better customer service
Simplified administration and maintenance of devices
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